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What are the three most popular curries in the world?

Kendra Phillips

Posted on May 30 2022

Although many theories have been proposed regarding how the word 'curry' was discovered, there can be no dispute about the intoxicating spices and the delicious blend of flavours that define each dish's preparation. In general, the term curry describes a rich, flavourful gravy dish found worldwide, particularly in Asia. 

Listed below are the three most popular curries in the world.

Thai curry 

Thai curry comes in many different types. It comes in soup form, containing coconut milk, chicken, fish, noodles, and curry pastes. Thai curries differ from Indian curries since they are cooked with fresh herbs and aromatic leaves as there is no use of spices blended in uniform amounts as there is in Indian curries. As the Thai home is a place where curry is consumed regularly, the cooks have the choice of trying a variety of curry alternatives, from water-based curry to curry paste made with coconut milk. It is possible to use many different types of fish or seafood to prepare this curry dish. The sour taste is generally added by adding tamarind, one of the first ingredients to be introduced in the curry. 

Red curry 

A delightful combination of red curry paste, coconut milk, fresh vegetables, and meat makes this a hearty and delectable dish. The curry paste and coconut milk form the basis of the dish resulting in a perfect combination of Indian curry spices, flavour and texture that creates a well-balanced, creamy and spicy broth. This paste is made by mixing and grinding dried red chillies with fragrant Thai spices to create a flavorful combination. The broth is created by blending cream, coconut milk, and spices while adding other ingredients, cooking them, and infusing all the fragrant aromas. 

Massaman Curry 

Several types of curry can be classified as mild and sweet, but massaman curry stands out as the most unusual. Coconut cream, meat, potatoes, organic curry powder made with roasted spices, and roasted coconut milk combine to form a delicious dish. It is the coconut milk that gives this dish its authentic Thai flavour. It is a rich base for the other ingredients and contributes to the depth of flavour. Massaman curry generally uses thick cuts of chicken, beef, or lamb, as it is cooked for long. This curry uses a wide variety of Indian curry spices as it is commonly combined with the meat and, of course, the vegetables. It is a simple stew made up of several dry spices such as coriander, cinnamon, peppercorns, and fresh ingredients like chilli, tamarind paste, galangal, and palm sugar. 

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