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Most important tips you must know for cooking the perfect curry at home

Kendra Phillips

Posted on November 09 2022

To cook the perfect curry, you don't have to be an expert. Patience, precision, and time are essential to achieve the right flavours and aromas. If you are a regular cook, you are probably aware of how just a few ingredients can play a huge role in whether or not a dish turns out well. Mistakes are inevitable in the kitchen; however, with the right tips, you can whip up the perfect curry with little trouble. Listed below are some essential tips for making that perfect restaurant-like curry if all you want to do is prepare it yourself at home.


Spice balance

The idea that the curry will be tastier if all types of Indian curry spices are added is incorrect. As far as the flavour of the curry is concerned, it is essential to strike a balance between different spices. Make sure you do not add too many spices into one curry and stick to the basic ones. Ensure you don't overdo it with the Indian curry spices and that they are added in moderate quantities. Do not add all the salt required for the dish at the beginning of the cooking process. The best way to add it is to add some at the beginning and some at the end instead of adding it all at once. 



Delicious dishes can never be made in a hurry, and it is a fact that there is no such thing as a quick meal. A lot of patience, time, and effort is involved in cooking. Indian curry spices and vegetables require their own sweet time to cook properly. It is important to remember that if you try to prepare your curry quickly by cooking it on high heat, you will end up ruining its taste. Depending on how hot it gets, it may burn, and the flavour of its ingredients might be lost. The best way to cook curries is to use low to medium heat and avoid rushing while adding the Indian curry spices to the pot. After letting the onion cook for a while, add the tomato and let it cook until it is soft. 


Consistent puree

Depending on the dish you are making, the consistency of the puree will vary. As a general rule, the consistency of the cream should be medium, which means that it should neither be too thick nor too runny. During cooking, ensure you do not add too much water to the curry as it will become runny, and you will need to cook it on a high flame to make it thicker. The flavours of the curry and the Indian curry spices it contains can be disturbed by this process. You can make your curry richer by mixing fresh cream with it or adding a puree of cashews. 


Don't forget the garnish

Hot spices are to be added at the last minute when cooking the curry once it is ready. In this way, the aroma will be retained for a longer period. After you have sprinkled some hot spices by Curry Traders, Australia, on the dish, stir it for a minute, and then turn off the heat. By doing this, you will be able to spruce up the dish's flavours and make it more appealing. It is a wise choice to use coriander as a garnish when it comes to the preparation of curry. Make a fine chop of the coriander and garnish the curry with it. Coriander leaves are always added after the flame has been turned off to prevent them from losing their colour and fragrance.