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Surf and Turf

Kendra Phillips

Posted on October 25 2021


Steak of choice

1 x Curry Traders Asian Rub

Enough prawns for everybody 

1 x 400ml Coconut Milk


Coriander to garnish




Best served with Rump or Eye Fillet, or meat of your choice.

Cook to your liking. Set aside.



Add prawns to a bowl and add drizzle of oil and

plenty of Curry Traders Asian Rub. Mix to coat.


Add oil to plate side of BBQ.

Throw on the prawns. Add more rub if needed.

When prawns are 1/2 cooked add drizzle of coconut milk

and toss prawns through the coconut milk.

Slowly add more coconut milk as it evaporates.

Keep adding coconut milk to prawns are cooked and

enough sauce for your liking.

Generously squeeze lots of lemon all over prawns.


Serve steak onto plate and top with Asian Prawns.

Serve with salad and an iced cold Burleigh Brewing 

No-Carb Big Head Lager.