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What are the most important tips for making a perfect curry?

Kendra Phillips

Posted on October 06 2022

There is no doubt that cooking the perfect curry is no easy task. The right combination of aromas and flavours in curry is achieved with precision, patience, and time. Those who are regular cooks understand the power of just a few spices to make or break a dish. Curry is a mind-boggling endeavour, whether it is Goan Fish Curry, Ragan Josh or Tikka Masala, and we all need some tips and tricks to make it perfect. However, many factors contribute to the spiciness of the food, including richness and balance. Even though mistakes are unavoidable, you can whip up the perfect curry every time if you follow these tips. 


Listed below are the tips that you should keep in mind when making the perfect curry


Balance spices

The secret to the curry's taste is how it strikes a balance between many different masalas. It is best not to add too many masalas to one curry and stick to a few basic ones. Don't add too many spices, and keep them moderate. It is best to avoid adding all the salt a dish requires at the beginning of cooking. Instead, add some at the beginning and some at the end once the dish has been thoroughly cooked. This way, you can get an idea about how much salt is needed for the recipe, and you won't ever go wrong with the quantity.


Correct spices

It is common for any curry, such as Goan Fish Curry, Ragan Josh etc., to have a base masala made up of onion and tomato as its base ingredients. Therefore, you will need to chop the tomato and onion into pieces of the same size. As a result, the ingredients will be cooked evenly throughout the entire process. 



Cooking a curry such as Goan Fish Curry requires time and patience. As far as the spices and the vegetables are concerned, they both require their own sweet time to be cooked. Trying to cook your curry at high heat in a hurry will probably end up ruining the taste of it because you are trying to cook it quickly. On the other hand, the ingredients might get burned if the curry, such as Goan Fish Curry, is overcooked, and flavours may be lost. As a result, it is always a good idea to cook curries on low-medium heat and don't hurry when adding the ingredients while cooking. 


Consistent puree

A puree's consistency is determined by the curry you are preparing and the type of sauce you are using. In general, there needs to be a medium consistency, which is neither too thick nor too runny. There should be a limit on how much water you add while cooking to avoid the curry becoming runny, and you will need to cook it on a high flame for the curry to become thicker. A curry cooked too long can have its flavours and nutrients disturbed. 


Garnish your dish

After your curry, such as Goan Fish Curry, has been cooked for a while, add hot spices just before serving. It is essential to do this to preserve the aroma. Add some hot spices to the pan, stir it for a minute, and then switch it off. By doing this, you will be able to enhance the dish's flavours significantly. When it comes to garnishing, coriander is an excellent choice when it comes to serving a dish. The coriander should be finely chopped and garnished on the curry. It is important to add coriander after the flame is turned off. Otherwise, you will lose both the fragrance and colour of the coriander leaves and the flavour.


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