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✔️gluten free, vegetarian & vegan

Naturally gluten free and all Curry Traders curries can be made vegetarian or vegan!

Try substituting in tofu or cauliflower instead of chicken. Use coconut milk where you see cream in our recipes.

Want to try just one or two?

If you are looking to get addicted to the best home made Curry there is, then why not grab just one or two of our Gourmet Curry Kits to try it for yourself?

Click below on our range of Gourmet Curry Kits and you can purchase just one or two packs for a reduced shipping rate.*

You'll be hooked in no time!

*Offer available to Australian residents only. Shipping will be standard shipping and not trackable. Cost for shipping 1 or 2 Gourmet only Curry Kits is $3.80. Shipping Express Kits or more than 2 Gourmet are charged at the standard rate. Please ensure the correct shipping type is selected before you check out.

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