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Plastic Packaging & The Environment

This is a question that is often asked to many food manufacturers that need to package their products in food grade plastic packaging.

We all want to protect our oceans, animals, environment and basically our planet from unwarranted plastic use.

Curry Traders takes this all into consideration and considering the known facts, we have tried our best to provide the utmost, best solution to packaging our spices as environmentally as possible, and also to provide the freshest ingredients to our consumers and protect them from harmful bacterias that may rid the product.

To protect and conserve the spices as best we can, and to provide our consumers with the best quality of products, our insert numbered bags are packaged with love and care in biodegradable packaging. 

Our main outer packaging, is a very clean plastic LPDE bag (Low Density Polyethylene), that is found in household items like plastic wrap, bread wrapping, coated paper milk cartons, children’s toys, cereal box liners and so on. This plastic is not biodegradable, but can certainly be recycled and can be collected by curbside recycling programmes in your community.

So by recycling our LDPE bag, you can help lighten the load on the environment. How? By recycling, we significantly reduce energy use and greenhouse gas emissions and create more and better jobs than landfilling.

Unfortunately, we cannot cut out plastic all together when it comes to food packaging. Especially spices that carry too much oil, are grown naturally, and are prone to bacteria build up and insects. The LDPE bags used to package our Curry Traders spice kits deliver quality goods, with less waste, energy use, and global warming potential than other alternatives. 

So, to answer the questions that we receive towards our plastic bags, we can safely say that the product that we supply is safe and healthy, as well as our bags being eco friendly and easy to recycle.