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I had your Butter Chicken pack in the cupboard from years ago(!) I got it at the Burleigh Markets when we were there on holidays once. Anyway, I was looking for something to do with the chicken that I had and ....WOW! It was amazing! My daughter, who has had Butter Chicken from nearly every Indian restaurant, said it was the BEST she had ever tasted! Congratulations on such a wonderful product! I have just order some more and a number of others. Can't wait to try them :)

A. Sullivan


This is serious Indian cooking. Having tried about 3 different gourmet curries, everything tasted just another level. The recipes on the pack are spot on (something I do not usually find it is the case), the smell and aroma of the spices has no match for quality and taste! Highly recommended.

Enis - Aug 2017 


I made the Rogan Josh from the whole spice kit. All I can say is Yummo! All the spices are measured out and the instructions are really easy to follow. 5 stars all the way.



I am obsessed with the Indian BBQ Rub. I love the quick and easy infusion of amazing Indian flavours into any meal. 



First time making a Butter Chicken from scratch with your spices for my fussy family, everyone loved it and ate it, due to almond nut allergy with my son most Indian cooking is off the menu, he ate your Butter Chicken spice mix with no problems. I found the processes a bit fiddlly but thankfully I have a Thermomix and that made all the processes easier.