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Malaysian Rendang or Indonesian Rendang?

Curry Trade

Posted on January 07 2021

How we all love a good Rendang. Hard to find, if you are not in Malaysia, Singapore or from where it originated from.. Indonesia.

If you have had the luxury to travel to the beautiful Islands of Indonesia and eat in the many Wahrungs or sat down at a Rumah Makan Masakan Padang to enjoy the local cuisine, or happened to travel through any parts of Asia that are food havens of the world, then you know what we are talking about.

Curry Traders have recreated an exceptional easy recipe for Rendang for you to cook at home.

If you are like us, when travelling, we like to know what the local dishes are. We ask the locals, eat in every food stall/restaurant until we find what we know will satisfy our palates.

To come home and experiment with all the flavours of a Rendang was so exciting. We really wanted to have the velvety texture and intense complex, unique taste that we experienced on our travels.

Find the Rendang Kit with Recipe here.

The original Rendang curry recipe is from the 16thcentury, West Sumatra, where the hours of bubbling protein and local spices, mixed with tropical aromatics like coconut and chilies and then later introduced spices like turmeric and lemongrass formed the unique flavours of a perfect Rendang. If you asked the locals for their Rendang recipe, they would not give away their secrets. But they were more than happy to cook it for you.

The Rendang recipe quickly spread throughout South East Asia and now we all appreciate the amazing flavours that these countries have interpreted in their own unique way and make us crave for a Rendang curry recipe to enjoy.

In 2017, a CNN travelling poll placed Malayasian Rendang as their number one Asian dish ahead of Pad Thai, Peking Duck and Sushi.

Curry Traders Malaysian Rendang have made sure that you will recreate this easy curry recipe in the comfort of your own home, and cooking curry at home could not be easier! 

Find the Rendang Kit with Recipe here.

Cooking a great Rendang curry requires time and patience, you cannot rush perfection. To cook a Rendang curry of intense complexity it's necessary to reduce the sauce until it turns to oil, so that the spices enter and cling to the meat. The meat should shred apart with ease.  Curry Traders opted for a Malaysian Rendang curry as it typically cooks for a shorter time and the use of toasted coconut will thicken the spice mixture and will still give us the amazing aromas that will fill your home for hours.

However, an amazing Curry Traders Rendang still requires time and patience. Do not rush this exquisite dish, otherwise it is not a Rendang at all.

Choose a beef cut such as chuck or oyster blade as they are perfect to absorb the spices and then break down into such yumminess after a long cooking process.  And along the way, add the coconut milk to deepen into a nutty, buttery sweetness. Rendang slows the world down, makes you appreciate amazing spices and good food.

So, if you like a really amazing easy Rendang recipe and want to know which is better between Malaysian or Indonesian - to put it simply, it’s a difference between cooks and recipes, not a difference between countries.

Curry Traders Rendang is an amazing Summer curry so choose your favourite beverage, relax and enjoy!

Find the Rendang Kit with Recipe here.