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Camping with Curry Traders

Kendra Phillips

Posted on September 10 2021



As for many Australians, travelling overseas has always been a first on our yearly planner. We have travelled with our babies to places and beyond that have given us the tools to create an amazing company Curry Traders. All our recipes come from a place and time where we once visited and loved.

With school holidays just around the corner, we thought it was a great time to share with you, and try and take you there through a culinary journey of Asian flavours and easy to make recipes.

With the way of the world at this time, we are all looking for an escape with in our own country and borders. Australia has so much to offer, with amazing landscapes, diversity and weather for all occasions. We certainly do live in the lucky country.

Whether you love the resort living, air bnb, your own weekender, coastal caravan parks/camping grounds, national parks, vanlife and the freedom of camping where ever/whenever, you can take Curry Traders with you.

Our spice kits take up no room in your travelling pantry and all you need are the basics. Tinned tomatoes, coconut milk, onions, garlic, ginger and add your meat of choice or any vegetables that need to be eaten quickly, especially if on the road.

If you follow our Instagram account, you would have seen that we recently returned from a 3 week trip from Central West Queensland. Wow! What an experience. From Camel Races in Boulia to travelling through the Simpson Desert, we camped and cooked our way through.

The plan was to film as much as we could of ‘Cooking with Curry’, but the flies!! The flies are intense, no one warned me about the flies. We did what we could, but maybe next time we take pro filming crew with us, because we were hopeless.

Cooking with our camp oven always releases amazing flavours and the coals just let the curry simmer away. Served up with some damper made it even more special.

Our spice kits are so easy to cook wherever you decide to go. With or without flies, we are positive you will be coming back for more. Even more versatile are our Rubs! We poured that stuff over everything! Cauliflower, zucchini, mushrooms, lamb rack, steak anything and everything, except camel and any native animal. I just couldn’t eat it, and certainly couldn’t eat camel. They are just way too cute, especially after watching them race at the Boulia Races. Such an amazing weekend full of laughter and fun. What a hoot! A must do for any traveller wanting to experience Australia. Even drop in and have a beer or two and join in on the nightly Chicken Chicken Races at Tambo.

Where ever you are off to on your next adventures, plan ahead and stock yourself up with Curry Traders. We would love to come along and be part of your memory making holidays.