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The origins of the Sri Lankan Crab Curry

Kendra Phillips

Posted on January 25 2022

Curry made with crab, also called Kakuluwo curry or Jaffna crab curry, and has been served in Sri Lanka for centuries. There is a belief that the dish is originated from the northern region of Sri Lanka. Still, it is popular throughout the country, especially in coastal areas where fish and other seafood are the norm. While chicken, pork, beef, or another protein can replace the crab, the crab flesh provides a unique flavour to the dish.

Those who enjoy seafood and spicy meals should try the Sri Lankan Crab Curry. Traditional steamed rice is served with this Asian meal made with crab meat, shallots, and milk, among other ingredients.

Crab is minimal in fat and calories, yet it contains a high protein concentration. Yes, meat has a significant amount of protein, but it also contains fat. Crab is an excellent alternative if you want to get plenty of protein while eating little saturated fat. On the other hand, Crab is a good source of omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids. Numerous health benefits can be obtained from eating Crab. It benefits the heart by protecting it, detoxifying the body, increasing cognition, reducing inflammation, strengthening bone structure, increasing the level of mental activity, and increasing blood circulation.

On the other hand, this curry recipe can be served with chapati or parathas as well. It is a simple non-vegetarian recipe made with readily available ingredients from the grocery store or market.

This curry recipe is a beautiful medley of Indian curry spices and herbs that has been roasted to a golden brown. This curry recipe is a beautiful medley of spices and herbs that has been roasted to a golden brown. By incorporating your unique flavours and ingredients into this simple crab meat recipe, you may make it much more intriguing than it already is. When you create this simple non-vegetarian food at home, it is not only delicious, but also has a positive impact on your overall health quotient.

Alternatively, you may add intrigue to this recipe by grilling the crab meat before adding it to the curry, which will impart a great smokey flavour to your dish. You may make this meal even more decadent and creamy by adding some fresh cream at the end. This infusion will enhance the flavour of this meal even further! If you enjoy tender, juicy meat, you can marinade it by pricking it with a fork before cooking it.

The meat will become more soft and juicy as a result of this. It is possible to add curd, salt to taste, chilli powder, Indian curry spices and a small teaspoon of ginger-garlic paste to make this dish. This will result in a highly delicious dish full of flavour. The following recipe can be prepared for Sunday brunches and other special birthdays, kitten parties, and other potlucks. Prepare this simple recipe for your guests and show off your culinary abilities simultaneously. This is a great go-to recipe that is also high in the health-quotient category.

Asian cuisines are famous for having curries, which are staples of almost every household. Having the chance to cook curry should be accessible to every family without taking a course to learn how to use spices. So give it a try today and prepare this Crab Curry with Indian curry spices by Curry Traders for your family and friends; we are confident that they will enjoy it!