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Quick and Easy Leftover Curry Meals

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Posted on February 11 2020


Quick Easy Leftover Curry Meals

We often get asked what do we do with the leftover curries we make at home and what are some quick and easy meals we create with the leftovers. Next day curries are absolute yum. It gives a chance for all of the beautiful spices and flavours to really come out.

Below are just some of the favourite recipes we have popped together to make use of all the delicious curry you may have leftover from cooking the day before or other quick and easy to make curry-inspired meals

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Quick and Easy Leftover Curry Meal 1. North Indian Curry Quesadilla

Steps to make your North Indian Curry Quesadillas

  • Reheat your leftover North Indian or Rogan Josh curry and set aside
  • Lay a flour tortilla into a large non-stick frypan and evenly spread your heated curry over the tortilla and top with cheddar or pizza cheese
  • Place another tortilla on top and cook for around 2 minutes or until the bottom is browned
  • Carefully flip your quesadilla to brown the other side and to make sure the cheese is melted through - this is quite tricky to do as the ingredients fall out so use a spatula to help flip
  • Serve on a plate or pack in a lunchbox 


Quick and Easy Leftover Curry Meal 2. Vindaloo Tacos

Steps to make Vindaloo Tacos

You can use any leftover Vindaloo curry for this delish taco but it works a treat with the Vindaloo heat. Many of the Curry Traders curries are great in a taco.

  • Reheat your leftover Vindaloo curry 
  • Add the leftover heated Vindaloo to a soft or hard shell taco and add the topping of your choice which could be cheese but we prefer some yoghurt for this taco to balance the heat
  • Eat these straight away otherwise, they may get a little soggy from the sauce


Quick and Easy Leftover Curry Meal 3. Chicken Madras Burritos 

Steps to make Chicken Madras Burritos

This would probably be one of our favourites throughout the summer. The Chicken Madras curry is so fresh and tasty. 

  • Reheat your leftover Madras curry
  • While this is happening, steam or cook some rice, chop up some fresh vine-ripened tomatoes and coriander.
  • Get some store-bought salsa to add to the burrito
  • Add your leftover curry, rice, chopped tomatoes, cheese, coriander and salsa sauce to the burrito wrap and roll it up
  • Place in the oven on 160c for approximately 20 minutes
  • Serve nice and warm with a light side salad or just by itself

There are plenty of ways to use leftover curry in a quick and easy meal the next day. 

Stay tuned for some further upcoming easy and quick curry pizza dishes!