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The Hotter the Better!

Kendra Phillips

Posted on January 08 2015

Get Creative With Your Curries...

How many times have we heard at this time of year ‘oh no, it’s simply too hot to eat curry right now!’

Well it just so happens that  half the worls’s population lives in very hot places and their main meal usually consists of some spiced up dish that fills their bellies and keeps them healthy and happy.

It is just all to easy to prepare a nice big pot of curry, then to let simmer on the stove top while you frolick in the waves or swim in the pool. 

However you go about your day, there is something to say about coming home to the wafting  aroma of a curry simmering away, no matter what time of year it is.

I must say, I have had great pleasure lately, exploring with different ways to serve our curries. Instead of loading up your bowl with rice, sauce and meat. Get a little creative yourself and wow your guest with tappas style servings of your favourite curry.

A few ideas….

Goan Fish Served on Naan

 Chicken Tikka Tappas

Butter Chicken Pies