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Sex and Curry

Kendra Phillips

Posted on November 28 2013

Curry an aphrodisiac? 

I really hope it is ;-)  Let’s look at what an aphrodisiac actually is. 
I can presume the word itself is derived from the Greek Goddess of lurve and sexuality, Aphrodite. 
Yep, just Wikipedia’d that one and this is so.  
She is also the goddess of beauty, pleasure and procreation.  

An aphrodisiac is a substance that increases sexual desire ...


afrə d z ak/
noun: aphrodisiac; plural noun: aphrodisiacs
a food, drink, or other thing that stimulates sexual desire
adjective: aphrodisiac of the nature of an aphrodisiac; stimulating sexual desire 

I myself am a realist albeit I’d like to think myself a dreamer and a romantic, but really, can any item on our culinary curry menu make us more lusty?  Well, I did a bit of research in the hope of discovering if chilli and cardamon and any other spice in our Curry Kits revs up our sexual wanting. Here’s what I discovered. Chillies contain capsaicin, which releases endorphins, increases circulation, stimulates nerve endings and causes blood vessels to expand.  Think about it. Nutmeg is believed to make us more flirtatious because it awakens the libido and in some countries it is called the viagra for women.  It has also been taken as a hallucinogen and a sedative (oh dear). People have deemed ginger to be an aphrodisiac for centuries because it has warming properties that helps us relax.  It is thought to invigorate our reproductive system and helps with premature ejaculation. Now for stinky garlic that is believed to increase levels of nitric oxide (a chemical needed for a hard-on) but it makes us, well, stinky. And a curry isn’t really good curry without garlic.  So you both have to eat it.  Oh, this is interesting …. long ago Tibetan monks weren’t allowed in monasteries if they had eaten garlic because they believed it stirred up passionate thoughts.

In mystic circles, cardamon is used in love and lust potions. This sweet aromatic spice is high in cineole which is an antiseptic that can kill bad breath. It has a wonderful sensual taste.

“Thank you so much and yes my husband loves coming home to the house smelling of curry but he loves it more when he can help too. Last time we ordered some we went away for a dirty weekend to make vindaloo together”

Ta Annie - 21 Nov 2013

Of course we’d all like to believe in sexual foods but I can not find any real significant proof whatsoever that foods can enhance our sex drive.  Damn.  Then again, I want to believe that food can make me a sexual Goddess and if I believe it to be so, then it is.  I fed my man (before he was “my man") Curry Traders Tikka Chicken Masala on our first date night and he was putty in my hands. Feed the ones you love, I say, or the ones you hope to love before the night is out with good honest healthy food.  Allow the food to be the centrepiece of your introduction.  Let it be the foreplay.  When one’s belly is full the world is full of hope.  And seeing and feeling your man hope is very intoxicating indeed.