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Health Benefits of Curry...

Kendra Phillips

Posted on November 25 2013

Curry spices stimulate powerful antioxidants in your brain

From the Doctors Heath Press – Top 12 Brain Boosting Super Foods
Brain Food No. 9 (Curry) Spice your life up and add some curry to your meals. It could boost your brains’ thinking power, too! An essential ingredient in curry is turmeric, which is a herb that could protect you mind from diseases that ravage the memory. Curry, of course, is a classic ingredient in Indian Cuisine. Guess what? Population studies done in India have found that neurological problems are low in this country.

Researchers believe that eating curry every day, specifically turmeric, may halt the production of a certain protein in the body that is linked to the destruction of nerve cells. And it pushes the level of anti oxidants in your body through the roof. How does it do this? Well! Turmeric helps activate a system in the brain tissue that then causes a potent antioxidant called “bilirubin”to be released, which protects the brain almost like a shield.

Another important ingredient in curry is curcumin. Curcumin is part of turmeric, and has been proven to have anti-tumor, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. In animal studies done by the department of Physiological Science at the University of California, curcumin helped rats with traumatic pain injuries. One group rats were fed a high-fat diet. The other group was given curcumin supplements. It was found that the curcumin helped to dramatically reduce the damage caused by oxidation and it concentrated the cognitive impairment caused by traumatic injury.

There are many ways you can add curry to your meals. Many curry pastes and powders can be bought in the supermarket. Curry is an excellent addition to any vegetarian entree, as well as any meat or fish dish. Curry can be mixed with secondary ingredients like yogurt to give them added flavour. Entire cook books have been written about curry and it many variations. So find your favorite recipe and spice up your dishes with these health ingredients.