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Chicken Mango - delightful!

Kendra Phillips

Posted on January 13 2015

Do the Chicken Mango Fantango

Our little bag of spices are such a treat. Not only do they taste good, but they give you the satisfaction of feeling that you have created and cooked a fantastic curry with out any hassle. 

We are asked may times whether or not you can use lamb in the Chicken Korma, tofu in the Butter Chicken, or chicken in the Lamb Madras - the answer is ‘yes’. Our spice kits are so versatile you can use just about any combination of meats to add your own twist to your favourite curry. (Except Butter Chicken, but who ever has Butter Lamb?)


For our Gourmet 'Bangladesh Prawn' recipe we normally recommend prawn and pineapple (which is amazing), but if you are looking for a change then swap the prawn for chicken and pineapple for mango. I used tin mango which worked beautifully, you can use fresh mango if you prefer. Just follow the recipe to create this summer time delight - 'Chicken Mango'.

If your'e in a hurry, our Express 'North Indian' curry is an excellent pre-ground substitute spice kit - it still packs all the flavours your expect