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Make Vegetable Korma at Home

Kendra Phillips

Posted on September 17 2018

Vegetable Korma is a coconut infused dish that has a long standing in the Indian community as a delicate, sweet and coconut-based meal everyone loves. Vegetable korma uses a variety of spices, but the big ingredients in Curry Trader's Vegetable Korma spice mix is coconut and cashews.

The all natural spice mix features coconut and cashews for a sweet and creamy texture this dish delivers. You'll love giving this sweet tasting dish to your loved ones for a satisfying meal even the pickiest of eaters will enjoy. Korma can be tracked down to the 16th century and has been exploding ever since. The Curry Traders Vegetable Korma has been tried and tested to give you the best recipe to date. Our Vegetable Korma spice mix features traditional korma spices including turmeric, mustard seeds and coriander to give this coconut dish a pop of flavour throughout the sweet and delectable korma dish.

Turmeric is an antioxidant that has been used for centuries in traditional Indian medicine, and it has numerous benefits to help prevent diseases including heart disease, brain disease and cancer. This powerful spice has a lot more to offer than a rich and colourful flavour. Our Vegetable Korma spice mix features healthy and nutritious ingredients for strong and nourishing benefits for your body to be full and have the vitamins and minerals it needs to seize the day.

To prepare our famous vegetable korma dish, set aside thirty minutes to create our dreamy coconut vegetable korma curry that will satisfy everyone's taste buds. We recommend using any variation of the following vegetables to make your own vegetable korma curry: cauliflower, green beans, carrots, peas, onion, green chili and tomatoes. Each of these vegetables will complement this dish and soak up the coconut and cashew flavors for a creamy and delicious bite.

For a side dish, try serving our vegetable korma with papadums or naan bread to balance out the flavours and give this dish a savory taste to add to the vegetables. Naan bread is great to soak up the coconut korma sauce from this vegetable korma dish and it's a delicious comfort food everyone will love.

Our Curry Traders Vegetable Korma spice mix is an easy addition to your weekly meal plan or for a weekend treat. You can make this dish on a weeknight for a quick and tasty meal the whole family will love. For a special treat, make our vegetable korma for your vegetarian or vegan friends at your next get-together or dinner party for an outstanding and refreshing meal your guests will love and enjoy. For any wine lovers, make sure to pair our vegetable korma with Woodstock McLaren Vale Semillon Sauvignon Blanc for a delicious pairing that can't be missed.

Curry Traders vegetable korma is a traditional Indian dish that is easy and fast to make with rich coconut flavours and the health benefits of turmeric. Grab a spice mix pack today and try our vegetable korma dish tonight for a mouth-watering and flavoursome meal the whole family will appreciate.