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Why a curry is the meal that brings people together

Kendra Phillips

Posted on July 25 2022

Some of the most obvious reasons for the rise in popularity of curry include its bold flavours and variety of Indian curry spices. The existence of Indian communities in other countries is another factor that has contributed significantly to the development and widespread of curry dish across the world. The word "curry" comes from the Tamil word "Kari," implying either a sauce or a soup eaten with rice. The curry dish itself originated in the Indian subcontinent.

Even though there are many distinct curries, they can all be reduced to a handful of essential components, including an onion, ginger, garlic, a mountain of Indian curry spices, and a liquid base to bring everything together. Delicious food such as curry cooked with Indian curry spices has the power to bring people together. Since the dawn of time, food and the time spent eating together as a family has served as the single most crucial factor in maintaining that relationship.

Listed below are the reasons that shows why curry is the meal that brings people together

Curry enhance connectivity between community 

Curry due to its delicious taste helps in maintaining relationships with both friends and family. Everyone feels comfortable discussing their life and how things are going while they are out to eat curry together. Sharing a curry meal cooked with Indian curry spices creates an environment conducive to a candid conversation about life's highs and lows. 

Cooking curry with a grandparent, parent or loved one

Learning to cook curry with a family member is a fun and rewarding way to spend quality time together. While preparing the curry using Indian curry spices, you might visit your loved ones. It may prompt people to share recollections from their childhoods, including why they looked forward to the food whenever their mother prepared it.

Learning about Culture

The most crucial aspect of any culture is cuisine. Dishes such as curry cooked with Indian curry spices have their unique significance. It might be made especially for birthdays, weddings, or holidays. Cooking curry is an excellent method to gain insight into a culture by discovering why curry is prepared, its significance, and what makes its unique. Eating different foods from different cultures is a fun and easy way to learn about other cultures. 

Provides Comfort 

What is the most effective approach to make someone feel better? If someone has something they enjoy eating, it doesn't matter if these are warm cookies, curry or chicken noodle soup: it will make them feel better. If you've had a bad day, and your mom brings some of your favourite food into your room such as curry cooked with Indian curry spices, don't you find that it instantly makes you feel better? Even something as simple as eating a dish from your youth can bring back fond childhood memories. 

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