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Top Indian Spices and how to use them

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Posted on June 29 2022

Many people find it intimidating when cooking delicious food due to the wide range of spices used, such as whole spices and ground spices, which are typically combined into complex spice blends. There are two obscure spices in Indian cuisine: Stone Flower and Garcinia. Cooking with Indian curry spices can be like a spiritual experience. You can transform any dish into a tasty meal with Indian spices, and even the simplest ingredients can become a delicious dish.

Listed below are some of the top Indian spices and their uses that can improve the taste of your food


There is a need for turmeric in Indian cuisine. The taste of turmeric is earthy, and it has rich and savoury flavours that support the dish. Many Indian curry spices are used in Indian cooking, but this one has huge health benefits and bright yellow colours. There is no doubt that turmeric is an anti-inflammatory favorite of many, but its effects are greatly diminished without the piperine of black pepper.


Coriander is the cilantro seed and it is one of the essential spices in our list. Citrusy and woody aromas are used in dishes such as Vindaloo and Madras. The best way to use coriander seeds is to grind the seeds into powder just before adding them to a sauce.

Black Cardamom 

Our list of strong spices includes black cardamon seeds, which have a strong eucalyptus scent. It is important to understand that before they are used in food, they are dried over fire, thus producing a smoky flavour and blackened appearance. The unique fragrance of black cardamom is unsurpassed by any other spice. 


Fenugreek is one of the subtle spices part of Indian cuisine. Even though fenugreek seeds are quite bitter, they have numerous health benefits. The leaves of this spice are a green aromatic herb, making them less prone to bitterness and giving them a delicious maple-like flavour and aroma. People often say that this Indian spice smells like curry, which is the case. Fenugreek seeds have a wide range of health benefits as well.

Black Pepper 

There is no doubt that all of you are familiar with the flavour of black pepper. Interestingly, it is a pepper with a particular sharpness that is almost unique among peppers. There is a high probability that you are likely to taste black pepper's heat first before you taste any other hot ingredient, and it adds a powerful flavour note that no other spice can compete with.

Uses of Indian Curry Spices

Cuisine marination

When marinating any cuisine, yoghurt or some other acidic ingredient is used. With same can be said about butter chicken, tikka, and many of the classic dishes that fall under the Indian cooking category. 

Cooking spices in oil

It is possible to fry your Indian curry spices either slowly or quickly. Keep the spices warm for 10-20 minutes in a pan with some butter or oil, or at medium-high heat for 10-30 seconds, being careful not to burn the spices. The process of infusing oil with flavour is the second step, and it is an important one.

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