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Malaysian Rendang

Kendra Phillips

Posted on November 12 2014

The Malaysian Rendang Journey

As you may already know, all our recipes start with a journey. This one began with our adventure to attend one of our Thai friends wedding, in the province of the now well famous Krabi.

We decided to have a few days stop over in Malaysia and enjoy their cuisine. Michael is always on the hunt for a mouth watering memorable curry, so on this stop over, there was no exception.

Every meal he would order the lamb or beef  Rendang, which is a traditional meal, usually served at ceremonies among the Malay community. Whether Michael ordered at the local hawker stalls, with their plastic chairs, tables wih load chatter or at the fine dining restaurants like Bijan (which was a special treat) he found that all the Rendangs tasted exactly the same.So with his little tastebuds locking those flavours into his memory, upon return he would recreated those exact flavours.





I often find it quite amazing how he can do this. With a few tweeks here and there and a stumble upon Rick Stein cooking this dish and frying of , what we call Bag 1, first in the oil to release the flavours, we have recreated and perfected Curry Traders Malaysian Rendang for all of you to cook at home and enjoy.

The exact measurements of star anise, cinnamon, cumin, turmeric, paprika etc just make this dish leaving you wanting more. I find that this dish is complimented, not by eating it with rice, but with fresh greens. A wonderful summer dish that can simmer away while your enjoying the great outdoors and upon return, lunch or dinnerinner is ready. Too easy and too yummy.