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Bangladesh Prawn Curry

Kendra Phillips

Posted on November 01 2018

Curry Traders Bangladesh Prawn Curry is the essence of summer in Australia and is bound to be a hit, no matter the crowd! Our Bangladesh Prawn Curry spice kit will give you all the spices and flavours you need to impress family and friends. This fragrant spicy curry will be one to be remembered.

Our Bangladesh Prawn curry has medium to hot heat, and with the easy recipe suggesting the use of pineapple, you will have a tropical fruit flavoured curry that bursts through for a meal that screams summer. Not to mention the main attraction to this dish, fresh Australian prawns. This dish is perfect to serve over the holiday season, New Years or for any family and friends get together.

Our Bangladesh Prawn Curry can be made in under an hour and is perfect to prepare ahead of time or while having summertime drinks with your guests. Our spice kit uses ten different spices that are 100% natural local and imported ingredients that include garam masala, cumin, fenugreek, turmeric, chilli, mustard seeds and paprika. You'll love how the tomato and pineapple balance out this delightful tasty curry to not only give it a sweet taste, but also add a burst of mouth-watering flavour to the dish that pairs beautifully with prawns. The fresh lemon juice and garlic will have all your loved ones talking about how delicious and fresh this prawn curry is.

This little curry kit can be quite versatile too. If you feel like cooking with chicken, no problem, just substitute the prawn for chicken thigh. Or this works a treat by preparing the sauce first and then pouring over the top of a grilled or steamed whole fish. Yum! This will take you to a tropical location, for sure.

We recommend serving this dish buffet style to let each guest choose their own portion of the curry and suggested sides including basmati rice, extra lemon wedges and coconut milk. The added lemon wedges or coconut milk is perfect for anyone who needs to take the spice level down a notch and is perfect for adding a more creamy citrus flavour to this summertime curry.

Our Curry Traders Bangladesh Prawn Curry pair perfectly with a variety of white wine, red wine and Australian beers to make your celebration a hit. Make sure to pick up a bottle or two of a fruity Chardonnay or Pinot Gris. A rosé wine is perfect to pair with this tropical curry too. For a summer staple it will sure to be a hit with your loved ones and guests. For any red wine drinkers, we suggest a fruit-based Shiraz from any one of these local Australian wineries: Clarendon Hills, Mollydooker, Lehmann, Penfold's, Robert Oatley, and Rosemount Estate.

We know a summertime celebration just isn't the same without a cold one. For beer lovers, we recommend a lighter beer not to overpower the tropical heat and cleanliness of this curry. For best pairing try a budget-friendly XXXX Summer Lager or Miller Chill with Lime. For a more indulgent pick, we recommend Pacific Radler or Burleigh Brewing Co. Twisted Palm Tropic Pale Ale to accompany the tropical pineapple and give ease to the heat of this creamy curry.

We can't wait to see your celebrations this summer with our Bangladesh Prawn Curry for a party that's sure to be a hit. Grab your friends and family, pick a date and get one of our Curry Traders Bangladesh Prawn Curry gourmet spice kits today for a memorable summertime celebration!