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Vindaloo in the Slow Cooker

Kendra Phillips

Posted on February 27 2015

Lambshank Vindaloo - What a delight!

It was quite a rainy weekend we had here, so what else to do, but cook up some comfort food. Curry!

Off to the butcher I go, and in the window were the most delicious looking lamb shanks. Now I have never cooked with these before, but hey, first time for everything.

Five lamb shanks (2.5kg) and a packet of Curry Traders Beef Vindaloo. Perfect.

I plugged the slow cooker in, chopped the onions, grinded my spices and just through it all in on top of each other, along with the other ingredients listed on the packet. Lid on and then I walked away.

Now my only tip is:

  1. Ask your butcher to trim the shanks, mine turned out a little fatty, but I just scooped this off the top at the end.
  2. Stir occasionally, so every shank absorbs the flavours.
  3. Remove the lid for the last ½ hour, just to reduce the liquid a little.
  4. If your going to cook using our Express Vindaloo, add a 140g tub of tomato paste. It will thicken the gravy and add more depth to the flavour.
  5. Serve with some green vegetables and or mash. Yum.

We had plenty leftover for the next day, so I shredded the meat off the shank bone and enjoyed this delicious dish any way we could. Michael had some on toast for breakfast, the children had tacos, and I placed mine in mini papadams.



Just get creative and ENJOY!