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Goan Fish

Kendra Phillips

Posted on November 30 2014

Home Town Goan Fish

Ok, this dish did not start with a journey, well it sort of did. It all started with the meeting of Michael and myself, 19 years ago!! Really has it been that long?

Being the curry lover that he is,  I think it was on our 5th ‘date’? when he asked if I would like a fish curry for dinner. My response was, well not exactly positive and the ‘fish curry’ was not mentioned again or ever cooked for me until many a years later.

I wish I had of let him cook it for me, because now I know, I was missing out on this amazing dish. I think a lot of people think like I did, ‘fish in a curry?’, mmmm, no! But guess what it is the best.

I only discovered how good fish was with a spicy sauce, when we dined at our local iconic Indonesian restaurant, Massakan, with it’s establishment being firstly at Burleigh Heads, my home town, and a haunt for surfers and locals for over 30 years. It is now situated in Palm Beach.

I would have never ordered their chilli fish, but Michael always did. I adventured one night and indulged in his favourite treat. I never looked back. This is all I order now when we revisit this amazing restaurant.

Obviously, Michaels Goan Fish is a lot different from this Indonesian meal, but it is defiantly my favourite of the 14 flavours Curry Traders provide. With his travels to India, and of course, always his last port of call is Goa ( to unwind and relax, he tells me) he has perfected this dish to a T.

Rich with cardamon, mustard seeds, coriander and cumin. This coconut based dish is a once a fortnight meal in our home enjoyed every time with friends and family. We have explored this dish so many times, that I have created a Tappas style Goan Fish as a light treat to feed guests. Yum is to be modest.

I recommend Barramundi or Ling as other fish are either too oily or too full of flavour that it takes away the true taste of the healthy spices that we have provided for you. Full of Omega3 and Tumeric, you will feel alive after eating this dish. Enjoy!

PS: works well with chicken, scallops, bug meat and lobster. Great for a Christmas alternative twist. 

Our children trying everything on offer. catfish, crumbed fish, what ever fish, followed by chicken. “Where is the curry sauce?” they asked. “Have to make do with sweet chilli this time. Sorry, I don’t cook on holidays” Bad mummy! Goan Fish serving suggestion. Not every curry has to be served with rice - try it on a papadum.