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What curries will you find in Southern India?

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Posted on March 05 2022

The blend of spices in South Indian curries is well-known. It's excellent because of the combination of veggies and dry Indian curry spices, and most of them contain coconut. These curries' rich flavour, taste, and aroma can make anyone hungry. South Indian food never fails to impress our taste buds with its unique dishes, whether coconut milk's richness or the sputter of mustard seeds and curry leaves. Moreover, South Indian food includes a wide range of regional specialties, as well as mouth-watering vegetarian and non-vegetarian curries to enjoy, in addition to piping-hot sambar! On the one hand, there is Kerala's zesty and flavorful cuisine, which is primarily non-vegetarian, and on the other, there is Tamil Nadu's cuisine, which features numerous vegetarian pleasures. And if you prefer your curries to have a lot of flavours, Andhra curries will be a delight. Curries are typically eaten with steamed rice or roti and a dollop of ghee in South India.

Curries from all over South India are listed below, including Karnataka style curries, Andhra style curries, Kerala style curries, and Tamil Nadu style curries

Kerala Prawn Curry

Kerala Prawn Curry, who hails from the Malabar region, will entice your taste buds with various flavours. People who enjoy fish may have eaten this dish previously and attest to its deliciousness. Coconut paste, ginger-garlic, chillies, shallots, onions, and fenugreek seeds are used for cooking marinated prawns. The tanginess of the tamarind pulp is enhanced by the addition of mustard seeds and Indian curry spice leaves, which serve as a finishing touch.

Andhra Chicken Curry

Bay leaf, cloves, green cardamom, cinnamon, ginger garlic, sautéed onions, and green chillies are used to make Andhra style chicken curry. Cashew paste must be used in this dish to give it an authentic Andhra flavour. To make the dish more flavorful, garam masala, kasoorimethi, chicken masala, and dhaniya powder are added towards the end.

Kori Gassi

This meal is unique in that the chicken pieces are cooked in a mixture of tamarind pulp and coconut milk, giving it a deep flavour. Various Indian curry spices are used to cook this curry such as fennel seeds, cumin seeds, coriander powder, red chillies, fenugreek seeds, ginger-garlic, peppercorn, tomatoes, onions, and grated coconut.

Avial Curry

Avial Dish is a finger-licking curry from Kerala traditionally served during the Onam festival. It is best served with rice. Drumsticks, green beans, carrots, and pumpkin are among the vegetables used in the dish. In addition to the traditional Indian curry spices, yoghurt and coconut milk give the dish a thick texture and a mildly acidic flavour. This delectable meal is a must-try for vegetarians.

Gongura Mamsam

This dish is a must-try for all non-vegetarians. Gongura Mamsam is made with cardamom, garlic, cinnamon, onions, and chillies, as well as the unique gongura leaves. To make the meal more flavorful, boiled lamb is added to the mouth watering Indian curry spices, along with a tadka of curry leaves.

Chicken Chettinad

This dish gets its distinct flavour from several Indian curry spices by Curry Traders ground together to form Chettinad masala. The addition of coconut paste and Indian curry spice leaves gives the dish a distinct South Indian flavour. The marinated chicken combined with all of these ingredients results in a flavorful dinner that will leave you wanting more.