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Goan Fish

Kendra Phillips

Posted on November 01 2018

Goan Fish Curry is a fantastic summer curry! Grab your friends and family and get cooking a Curry Traders Goan Fish spice kit that is suitable for every happy occasion. This could include birthdays, family celebrations and dinner parties. Or simply, just a quiet night at home and eat under the stars. Whatever the celebration our Goan fish curry is made for you!

Curry Traders makes cooking easy, and our Goan fish recipe is no different. In under forty minutes you can have this mouth watering dish served to loved ones. Our Goan fish curry has a delicious mixture of 100% natural local and imported spices and ingredients including cumin, coriander, cinnamon, cardamom and more. You'll love the medium heat curry taste that this dish has to offer.  With this easy recipe you will indulge in bursts of flavour and fragrance in every bite. The easy recipe provided includes the use of coconut milk, so the heat is subtle enough for the whole family to enjoy. If it is too spicy for the faint hearted, just add a little more coconut milk, or do not add all the chilli. 

You'll love the spice, heat and ingredient pairings this Goan curry calls for. Make sure to pick up your favourite firm white fish or scallops for a dinner combination that will have you craving for more. If a fish curry isn't your taste, we recommend adding chicken thighs or breast. The lemon and ginger in this Goan fish recipe make any fish or cut of chicken a perfect pairing to bring out the best flavours and gives it an extra kick.

Our Curry Traders gourmet spice kit makes the perfect dish for sharing, as it serves six people or more. We suggest serving this dish up buffet style with a few sides including basmati rice, pappadums and natural yoghurt to accommodate this coconut fish curry. Also, don't forget to cut up some lemon wedges for the table to ease the medium/hot heat of our Goan curry and add a splash of summer to the dish.

If you're planning a dinner party or celebrating a loved one's accomplishments - make sure to serve up some local Australian wine. We recommend a fruity Chardonnay to accompany the spices used in this dish. If you're into red wine, try pairing with a fruity, based Hunter Valley or McLaren Vale Shiraz.

For beer lovers, we suggest a summertime beer with a lighter taste to accompany our Goan fish curry. Try XXXX Summer Light Lager or Miller Chill with Lime beers. These are great options, especially if serving a lot of people. For something more indulgent, how about Pacific Radler or Burleigh Brewing Co. Twisted Palm Tropic Pale Ale both with topical and citrus fruit. Or you might simply love your own choice of your favourite wine with our coconut fish curry.

Whether you're having a family get-together, an intimate celebration or a huge backyard party - our Curry Traders Goan Fish curry is sure to be the rave of your celebration!