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What Kinds of Dishes Can You Make with Spice Kits?

Kendra Phillips

Posted on January 17 2023


Are you ready to add some flavor to your kitchen creations? Look no further than the amazing selection of spice kits from Curry Traders. With options ranging from mild Korma blend to exotic Vindaloo blend, you’ll be able to try out new cuisines and dishes in no time! So what kinds of dishes can you make with these spice kits? Let’s explore the possibilities!

Grilled Dishes

Grilling is an ancient cooking technique that imparts intense flavors with minimal effort. Whether it's beef, poultry, pork or vegetables on the grill, a good spice blend will bring out the best in your ingredients. This is where our Jalfrezi Spice Kit or Bombay Masala Spice Kit come in handy – they contain multiple flavors that work together for delicious results! Why not try something new like a Chana Masala kebab or a Biryani-style steak?

Stir Fry Dishes

Stir-fry is another classic cooking method renowned for its simplicity and versatility. All it takes is a hot wok and some fresh vegetables to make an amazing meal in minutes. With one of our curated spice kits you can easily add traditional Asian flavors such as Szechuan Salt & Pepper mix or Hunan Red Chili & Garlic powder without having to purchase each ingredient separately. Or maybe you want something spicy like Malaysian Sambal Shrimp? Whatever your taste buds desire, Curry Traders has it all!

Curries & Stews

Curries & stews are comforting dishes that combine proteins with complex sauces and spices for a truly warming meal. Curry Traders offers many types of curry kits such as: Mild Korma blend; exotic Vindaloo blend; rich Rendang blend; and creative Tikka Masala blend – so there’s something for everyone here! Serve them up with some Basmati Rice alongside for maximum effect.

Salad Dressings & Marinades

Adding bold flavors to salads doesn’t have to mean empty calories any more! Our Masala Spice Kits are perfect for making your own healthy salad dressings at home without any added preservatives or artificial colors/flavors. For marinades we recommend blending our Rubs with some oil, vinegar, and honey - this will give just enough kick while also imparting plenty of flavor into your proteins quickly and easily.

As we have seen there are many tasty and interesting ways to use Curry Traders' selection of spice kits in your kitchen creations – so go ahead and explore the possibilities today!