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Vegetarian Lovers Combo Curry Pack


The Vegetarian Lovers Combo Curry Pack contains 4 gourmet flavours perfect for cooking delicious vegetarian based curry meals. The Vegetarian Lover’s spice mixes are some of the best and classic curry recipes most suited the replacing the meat with vegetables or tofu. Of course, curry is a super versatile dish, so any curry can be made vegetarian, but these are our favourites!

As well as any vegetables you love or your favourite tofu, you could also try red kidney beans, especially with the Rogan Josh. This will be your first choice for a vegetarian curry in no time.

We have every member of your household covered in this combo pack with differing heat levels across the packs. The Rogan Josh is a mild heat, as is the Vegetable Korma. The Sri Lankan Curry is medium in heat while the Madras is medium to hot.

Curry Traders provides step by step instructions with each of its gourmet curry packs so there is no need to stress or worry about how make it these delicious dishes. Just substitute any meat in the recipes with vegetables or tofu and you are set for a delicious dinner time.

By buying this combo spice and curry pack, you will SAVE $5.80 compared to purchasing them separately.

    • 1 x Rogan Josh Curry Gourmet Kit
    • 1 x Vegetable Korma Curry Gourmet Kit
    • 1 x Sri Lankan Curry Gourmet Kit
    • 1 x Lamb Madras Curry Gourmet Kit


Looking for the curry recipe? Go to each of the Curry Kits to find the recipes associated to meal.

All Curry Traders Spice Kits are naturally gluten free

Make authentic curry meals at home for the whole family with Curry Traders' spice rubs, marinades, curry kits and packs. Use our included recipes to create a delicious curry dish that is full of flavour, fun and easy to prepare.

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