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Express Kit 6 Combo Curry Pack


This express pack contains quick and fast meals you’ll love making any night of the week. From mild butter chicken, to North Indian and Madras medium heat dishes and inferno level heat from Vindaloo curry – there’s a recipe for everyone to love. This pack is great as a gift for any curry lover or to introduce curry into someone’s life by giving a sample of a variety of tastes and spice levels.

With six recipe’s to choose from, there’s one here for almost every night of the week. This Curry Combo Pack contains 6 spice mixes: 1 Butter Chicken, 1 Rogan Josh, 1 North Indian, 1 Madras, 1 Jalfrezi, and 1 Vindaloo. If you love mild and sweet spices make sure to cook the Butter Chicken and Rogan Josh curries for a delicious and creamy curry. If you want something a little more spicy and with a bit of a kick, make sure to try the North Indian or Jalfrezi curries for a delicious and traditional medium spice flavour. For heat and spice lovers, make sure to try Madras or Vindaloo curries for some serious spicy and hot heat filled curry. There’s a curry for everyone to love and some new flavours to try in this delicious express pack. For an easy and fast meal, make sure to try out these curries your family will love.

  • 1 x Butter Chicken Curry Express Kit (No Heat)
  • 1 x Rogan Josh Curry Express Kit (Mild Heat)
  • 1 x North Indian Curry Express Kit (Medium)
  • 1 x Madras Curry Express Kit (Medium - Hot Heat)
  • 1 x Jalfrezi Curry Express Kit (Medium Heat)
  • 1 x Madras Curry Express Kit (Medium - Hot Heat)
  • 1 x Vindaloo Curry Express Kit (Hot)

By buying this combo spice and curry pack, you will SAVE $6.00 compared to purchasing them separately.

Each Kit serves 6. All gluten free.

Looking for the curry recipe? Go to each of the Curry Kits to find the recipes associated to meal.

All Curry Traders Spice Kits are naturally gluten free

Make authentic curry meals at home for the whole family with Curry Traders' spice rubs, marinades, curry kits and packs. Use our included recipes to create a delicious curry dish that is full of flavour, fun and easy to prepare.

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